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JOYCEeasy Full Face CPAP mask

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€ 37.00 EUR
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The JOYCEeasy Full Face CPAP mask is designed to provide sleep apnea patients with an easy and comfortable experience. It is focused on minimizing leaks and pressure points to ensure better therapy compliance. Some of the key features of the

JOYCEeasy Full Face mask include:

  1. Ball-and-socket joint: This design element provides unlimited movement freedom, allowing maximum flexibility and mobility during sleep.
  2. Quiet and diffuse exhalation system: The mask is designed to maintain a peaceful bedroom atmosphere with its discreet ventilation system.
  3. One-handed application and removal: The mask can be put on and taken off quickly with just one hand.
  4. Color-coded hook-and-loop tabs enable quick identification and adjustment of the mask for a perfect fit.
  5. Robust plastic construction: The mask is made from highly durable plastic material for long-lasting use.

The JOYCEeasy Full Face mask suits patients with slender to gaunt facial structures. In combination with the JOYCEeasy next FF mask, which caters to normal to obese facial structures, the JOYCEeasy line offers a solution for a wide range of patients seeking effective sleep apnea treatment.