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Vitalograph has through generations manufactured and developed spirometers and other respiratory equipment for the primary and secondary healthcare sectors. Since 1963, they have been one of the leading manufacturers of spirometers on the Europen market, and their vision is to continuously develop innovative products of high quality for a rapidly developing market. Vitalograph delivers both stationary and handheld spirometers.

Vitalograph is especially known for:

  • Fleisch pneumotachograph flow measuring technology which provides a unique precision at all measurements of pulmonary function
  • Innovative products of the highest quality
  • Robust and durable products
  • Associated software with easy access to all functions

Vitalograph wants to be one of the leading suppliers of diagnostic equipment which through the patient’s pulmonary function can make diagnoses such as COPD and asthma. The pulmonary function devices Pneumotrac, Alpha Touch, In2uitiv, and Micro are mostly made for hospitals, practitioners and clinical trials. Pulmonary function screeners such as COPD-6, Asma, and Lung Monitor are for telemedicine, pre-examinations, and patients in their own homes. Vitalograph also delivers mouthpieces such as Safe-T-Way and BVF/Bacterial virus filters so the safety of the patient is in focus.